MakinElectronic India's First and No-1 ACF Bonding Machine Manufacturer.​

MakinElectronic India's First and No-1 ACF Bonding Machine Manufacturer.

India’s #1 ACF Bonding Machine Manufacturer

We're India's #1 LCD Repair Machine Manufacturer. We've the best and latest COF/TAB Bonding Machine. We've High Quality LCD Repair Machine. Already Shipped in more than 19 countries.

LCD Repair Machine

We manufacture and deal in  acf bonding machine , cof bonding machine , lcd panel repair machine , lcd screen repair machine , tab bonding machine , lcd panel bonding machine , led panel repair machine , lcd repair laser machine , all products are ISO certified .

We will be providing different models of Anisotropic Conductive File (ACF) Bonding Equipment which is used to connect TAB drivers, Chip-onfilm(COF) Drivers, flex circuits and chip-on-glass (COG) drivers to corresponding pads on a customer’s product. Anisotropic conductive film is used throughout the world to connect TAB, COF and COG drivers to LCD’s. But it is also used for flex and chip connections to PCBs, RIFD Chips and generally any circuitry that is a resident on a glass or Ceramic Substrate.

We have a broad line of ACF bonding equipment which is sized to handle products as small as 0.1mm diagonal up to 100″diagonal. Our equipment can reliable bond flexes or devices with line spacing as small as 15um. Anisotropic conductive film bonding equipment is in use today worldwide building hundreds of millions of products monthly requiring the use of ACF.

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