ACF Bonding Equipment Low Cost LCD LED Panel Repair

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Panel Repair Factory (MakinElectronic) provides anisotropic conductive adhesive (ACF bonding equipment )  for use in attaching devices such as TAB, flex circuits and ICs. acf bonding machine

LCD Repair Bonding Machine

The LCD Repair Bonding Machine is otherwise called Heartbeat Warmth Bonding Machine, Heartbeat Warmth Hot Bar Machine, and ACF (Anisotropic Conductive Film) Bonder, which can be utilized on LCD ACF/COF/TAB repair. It is most regular machine on LCD repair process, can re-bond or supplant new COF/TAB. ACF bonding equipment


LCD Laser Repair Machine

Laser machine can repair broken LCD glass. For example, the issue of ITO break, short line, brilliant line, half-line, spotted line, multi-line and so on

LCD Polarizer Film Removing and Laminating Machine

They are otherwise called LCD Polarizer Film Delaminating and Overlaying machine. These two machines are utilized for LCD polarizer film substitution.

LCD Repair Accessories and Materials

But the LCD repair equipment, we additionally give extras and materials of LCD repair application. All apparatuses and materials required by LCD repair can be found from here, similar to instruments: Warming Bind Press, Evacuating Wind Station, Liquor Container, COF/TAB Shaper, Optical Magnifying lens, LCD Test Board, Air Compressor, LVDS, Handheld Magnifier, Exactness Tweezers


LCD Repair Training

We give LCD Repair instructional class under brand Panel Repair Processing plant. Panel Repair Processing plant has condition of craftsmanship infrastucture for preparing individuals for LCD Bonding.It likewise has an entire course on television repairing.

ACF bonding equipment

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