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We give an extensive variety of Anisotropic Conductive Film Bonding Equipment (ACF Bonding Machine) which is used to relate TAB drivers, chip-on-film (COF) drivers, flex circuits and chip-on-glass (Pinion) drivers to relating cushions on a client’s item. Anisotropic conductive film is utilized all through the world to interface TAB, COF and Pinion drivers to LCDs. Be that as it may, it is likewise utilized for flex and chip associations with PCBs, RFID chips and by and large any hardware that is an inhabitant on a glass or fired substrate. ACF Bonding Machine, LCD Panel Repair Machine, LCD television Repair Machine. Tab bonding machine

This equipment is famously alluded to as a “TAB bonder”. TAB bonders were made as an other option to wire bonders, and found an extremely basic use in LCD driver circuits. Our TAB bonders run from extremely cheap TAB bonders to high-volume TAB bonders utilized as a part of day in and day out generation settings.

We have an expansive line of ACF bonding equipment which is estimated to deal with items as little as 0.1mm corner to corner up to 100″ askew. Our equipment can dependably bond flexes or gadgets with line separating as little as 15um. Anisotropic conductive film bonding equipment is being used today overall building a huge number of items month to month requiring the utilization of ACF. Get in touch with us today to get a present item list portraying our ACF bonding equipment.

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LCD Machine is best-known for its astonishing highlights like long day and age maintain, fabulous in planning and also high in quality. LCD bonding machine is comprehensively satisfying all through the nation because of its remarkable origination. They are sans hazard to use and gives a satisfying working substance to their clients. Such machines are all the time redesign by the preparing capability to give better quality items to the precious customers. You can purchase this machines by paying nearly  4.0 Lakh/Unit. The repairing procedure of LCD panels requires machines cover machine, Delamination machine, tab bonding machine and clean room equipment.

Highlights of bonding machine are:

1) Such machines are accessible at sensible rates.

2) They are comprised of exact building

3) Such machines are exceedingly sought after.

ACF Bonding Machine | LCD Panel Repair Machine | LCD television Repair Machine

LCD ACF / TAB Bonding Machine

LCD tab bonding machine having approved achieved setup crosswise over around the world. The value of LCD panel repair machine is almost 4.5 Lakh/Unit. PLC control, the beat warming mode, made with titanium composite noticeable quality head, quick warming and in addition fast cooling, can be set up four warming, exact temperature control are a portion of the basic highlights which are engaged with such machines.  Huge load stage, venturing engine drive, different IC can be foreordained position, the stage mechanically moves the power to remain. The capable programming and the ideal troubleshooting framework can consequently distinguish the blame and set the caution work. There is the quantity of models of tab bonding machines that are accessible in the market. One can pick the machine as indicated by space and necessity.

Highlights of tab bonding machines are:

1) The tab bonding machine includes f Hearty outline

2) One can without much of a stretch work such machines.

3) They are very effective.

ACF Bonding Machine | LCD Panel Repair Machine | LCD television Repair Machine

LCD Panel Repair Machine

This item is utilized as a part of an assortment of FPC, COF, TAB and LCD Panel and PCB mix bonding, is reflected in an assortment of sizes LCD vertical, level, vertical band, flat belt, dark belt, dark, shaded string, strip , multi-line, Huaping, dark, high contrast, vertical half show, even half was breakdown maintenance.Replacement TFT LCD television Screen TAB COF Gear-tooth Line Fastening ACF Bonding Machine.


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