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ACF Bonding Machine Price in India

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LCD LED ACF Bonding Machine Price in India is $ 1500- 8000 depends on the modal and technology used. Anisotropic conductive film (ACF) bonding machine commonly use in connectivity with electrical and mechanical connections from electronics driver to glass substrate of the LCD/LED/TV. ACF bonding machine repairs LED,LCD,TV, of covering issues on board.

Extreme arrangements of bonding of COF with quick and simple to work bonding machine. it is a sort of high accuracy repair hardware for repair different size LED/LCD screen/LCD Panel.

LCD repair machine is awesome and best answers for board repair in bonding innovation, this is the most top of the line innovation of LCD screen repair ,LED screen repair, inrepair industry notwithstanding the COF free welding, LCD TAB bonding machine others, for example, ITO break, short line, brilliant line, half-line, dabbed line ,a multi-line bonding machine can be used to repair.

ACF Bonding machines manufactured by us has some special qualities and features like Digital Controller, Gauge Controller, Head Pressure Controller and Temperature Controller

HMI, Pressure Gauge, Power ON/OFF, Spot Light, Head Cool and Track Display. Panel Bonding Platform, Vaccum , Bonding Head and Emergency Stop.

LCD Repair Machine

LCD Bonding, Manual Bonding, PCB Bonding, Glass Bonding

ACF Bonding Machine

LCD Repair Machine with tons of features. Easy to use. Easy to handle.


It also know as COF Bonding Machine. We’ve the best COF ics for COF bonding machines. We’ve also a huge Stock of LVDS Cables Available at Good Price.

ACF bonding machine currently propelled with most recent innovation based machine for programmed repair arrangements of LCD/LED/television/TV.

  • ACF Heartbeat Warmth Bonding Machine For 14″ to 85″ LED/LCD/TFT Board Repairs/Bond
  • Machine has two Digital Microscope
  • Machine has Vacuum Generator To Hold the Panel During Bonding
  • Machine has a Digital Pressure Gauge
  • The X Y movement and Track Matching and bonding is easy with single button press (Glass Bonding & PCB Bonding respectively)

What is ACF Bonding Machine and ACF Bonding Machine Price

Anisotropic conductive film (ACF Bonding Machine Price), is a sans lead and ecologically inviting glue interconnect framework that is usually utilized as a part of fluid precious stone show assembling to make the electrical and mechanical associations from the driver gadgets to the glass substrates of the LCD. The material is likewise accessible in a glue shape alluded to as anisotropic conductive glue (ACP), and both are gathered together as anisotropic conductive cements (ACAs). ACAs have all the more as of late been utilized to play out the flex-to-board or flex-to-flex associations utilized as a part of handheld electronic gadgets, for example, cell phones, MP3 players, or in the get together of CMOS camera modules.

The way toward making electrical conductive cement bonds amongst adaptable and inflexible circuit sheets, glass board shows and flex foils with fine pitch (<30 micron) is known as ACF Bonding. The basic attributes of this procedure are warming and cooling of the glue under strain. ACF Bonding Machine Price is vary from country to country.

Little, circular particles are suspended in the glue, which can be as thwart, flex or glue. Before holding, the particles are isolated by a disengaging lattice of cement. The parts to be consolidated are first carried with the glue in the middle of, and attached (ACF covering). Temperature, time and weight are connected and cause plastic misshapening of the glue and pressure of the particles. The particles that are caught between the conductors shape a conductive interface between the cushions on the two mating surfaces and direct just in the Z pivot.

Resulting cooling and full curing of the glue while still in the compacted condition balance out the joint.

ACF Bonding Machine Price and specifications

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