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India’s No-1 ACF Bonding Machine Manufacturer

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Makinelectronic is India’s First LCD Panel Bonding Machine Manufacturer. We are the No-1 Manufacturer of ACF bonding Machine in India. We provide COF Bonding Machine, ACF Bonding Machine, TAB Bonding Machine. ACF Bonding Machine had changed the way of  LED LCD TV Screen Repair method.

What is ACF Bonding Machine?

ACF bonding machine is the broadly utilized machine everywhere throughout the world. This bonding machine depends on the ongoing developments and intended to repair the plans of LCD, LED, and TV. This bonding machine may comprise of has two Digital Microscope, and furthermore has a Digital Weight Measure. The ACF bonding machine comprises of vacuum generator which may hold the panel amid the bonding procedure.

It might give the snappy and also simple answers for different versatile issues. Anisotropic conductive film (ACF) bonding machine ordinarily use in availability with electrical and mechanical associations from gadgets driver to glass substrate of the LCD/LED/television.In the midst of the ACF bonding strategy, warmth and weight are associated by methods for a thermode (or hot bar) on to the ACF film or other fragment that is sandwiching segment that is sandwiching the ACF film. ACF bonding machine repairs LED,LCD,TV, of covering issues on panel .

Extreme arrangements of bonding of COF ( COF Bonding Machine ) with quick and simple to work bonding machine. it is a sort of high exactness repair hardware for repair different size LED/LCD screen/LCD Panel.

LCD panel repair machine is awesome and best answers for panel repair in bonding innovation, this is the most top of the line innovation of LCD screen repair ,LED screen repair, in repair industry notwithstanding the COF free welding, LCD TAB bonding machine others, for example, ITO break, short line, brilliant line, half-line, dabbed line, a multi-line bonding machine can be utilized to repair.

This LCD Tab bonding machine with high effectiveness, reasonable cost, it is broadly utilized as the principle gadget LCD/LED/TAB screen repair of vast scale generation industrial facility.

Why we are the No-1 Manufacturer of ACF Bonding Machine in India?

We manufacture the top quality machines and acf bonding equipment. Our Price is the lowest price in the market  with the best quality till date.Panel Repair Factory India Pvt. Ltd. with very broad experienced PRF group grew First Time ever in India an ACF Heartbeat Warming Bonding Machines for LED/LCD TV Panel TAB/COF/ACF bonding and Mobile phone Bonding Machines.



We have been into the improvement and creation of cutting edge Bonding Innovation since last numerous years and now the last Made In India ACF Heartbeat Warming bonding machines are produced in New Delhi.

Anisotropic conductive film is utilized all through the world to interface TAB, COF and Gear-tooth drivers to LCD’s. Yet, it is likewise utilized for flex and chip associations with PCBs, RIFD Chips and by and large any hardware that is an occupant on a glass or Earthenware Substrate.

We have an expansive line of ACF bonding equipment which is estimated to deal with items as little as 0.1mm askew up to 100″diagonal. Our equipment can dependable bond flexes or gadgets with line dispersing as little as 15um.

Anisotropic conductive film bonding equipment is being used today overall building a huge number of items month to month requiring the utilization of ACF.

Panel Repair Factory India Pvt. Ltd. Render the after deals administrations for repairing of all Brands LED/LCD TV at our Particular Propelled Innovation Repairs Administrations Center In Maya Puri New Delhi.

Panel Repairs Factory India Pvt. Ltd. Additionally have a Learning and Preparing Establishment Where the particular exceedingly skilled Coaches render Preparing Projects on Essential Hardware , LED/LCD TV, PC and Mobiles Repairs courses. Also, an extremely skilled unique courses is offered on ACF Bonding for LED/LCD TV/Mobile/Tab/TFT.


Our New Machine PRF – LZ 96A



We’re the first and best LCD panel repair Machine manufacture, already sold more than 2000 machines all over the world. Our Free technical support for 1 year is the best option for your problems after buying the machine. We also provide 3 day DEMO and FREE training. We have the best technicians and support service. COF bonding Machine are also one of the best way to fix your TV or you can also increase your business by this ACF Bonding Machine or LED panel Repair Machine.


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