1. Auto focus and manual focus adjustment.
2. LED spot light for better visibility.
3. Working with all types of LCD/LED TV Panel Tracks.

How to Use :-

    • Plug the device into your LED screen.
    • Plug AC Adaptor to microscope.
    • Turn on LED Light if needed.
    • To achieve maximum magnication, please put the microscope right on the top of object, rotate the tail of microscope to change focus.
    • The zoom capability would decrease as the distance between microscope and objects increase.
    • Ideally keep the 30mm distance between microscope & object.

Digital microscopes use in inspection of elements like magnifies, image resolution, quality image with 200x zoom features available now a day in order to make it larger. In digital microscope, other parts are camera that is more than capable of giving us finest images of the truly tiny. Now a days increasing scope of digital microscopes in area of study, laboratories, medical and industries applications

1. Model No. – PRF-450
2. Magnification – 200x
3. Working Platforms – LCD/LED TV
4. Light source – Spotlight LED
5. Gross Weight – 3.50 kg (Approx.)
6. Interface – Video Cable

Package & Accessories : 

1. Microscope with LED Spotlight

2. User Manual

3. DC Voltage Adaptor

4. Video Cable


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